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Pre-campaign Transparency

Want to know where your ads will show and make sure that the list of publishers aligns with your Brand? Facebook now lets you see a list of all possible apps and sites where your ads could run, before campaign launch, and block the ones you don’t want to deliver ads to. Go to the […]

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Facebook Campaigns in Google Data Studio [A Beginners Guide]

Using a combination of free and low-cost tools you can create a mostly automated and seamless reporting experience when pulling Facebook Data into Google Data Studio. There are some excellent reporting tools available on the market, but they all come at a steep cost. Visualizing your data efficiently and effectively does not always have to […]

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How To Add Facebook Ad URL Parameters [The Right Way]

Creating Facebook Ad URL Parameters can quickly become a tedious task, but doing it right is a crucial element of clean performance reporting and insights. This post will cover: Defining a consistent naming convention leveraging UTM Parameter fields Manual tagging Automated tagging Because everyone has a slightly different approach on how to set this up, […]

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