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Set Up Your Facebook Pixel Using Google Tag Manager [Guide]

What is the Facebook Pixel For every Facebook ad account, you can create and set up a Facebook Pixel using Google Tag Manager. The Facebook Pixel can provide multiple benefits such as: Capturing site visitor data Build retargeting lists Track standard & custom events & conversions Build lookalike audiences (audience expansions) Provide people based reporting […]

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Facebook UTM Parameters – Guide

Generating custom UTM Parameters for your Facebook campaigns is not always straightforward. This guide provides an overview of the standard and detailed approach you can use to leverage available UTM Parameter fields to track granular Facebook campaign data in Google Analytics. Enjoy 🙂

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Facebook Pixel vs Google Analytics Conversions [Explained]

Tracking Facebook Pixel vs Google Analytics conversions is key to measuring the success of your Facebook campaigns. KPIs such as Reach, CTR or Engaged Users are directional. On their own, they are vanity metrics but coupled with attribution insights we can understand and optimize towards key conversion. As with everything digital, there are nuances to […]

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Pre-campaign Transparency

Want to know where your ads will show and make sure that the list of publishers aligns with your Brand? Facebook now lets you see a list of all possible apps and sites where your ads could run, before campaign launch, and block the ones you don’t want to deliver ads to. Go to the […]

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