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Facebook Campaigns in Google Data Studio [A Beginners Guide]

Using a combination of free and low-cost tools you can create a mostly automated and seamless reporting experience when pulling Facebook Data into Google Data Studio. There are some excellent reporting tools available on the market, but they all come at a steep cost. Visualizing your data efficiently and effectively does not always have to […]

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How To Add Facebook Ad URL Parameters [The Right Way]

Creating Facebook Ad URL Parameters can quickly become a tedious task, but doing it right is a crucial element of clean performance reporting and insights. This post will cover: Defining a consistent naming convention leveraging UTM Parameter fields Manual tagging Automated tagging Because everyone has a slightly different approach on how to set this up, […]

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Setting up Facebook Cost Data for Google Analytics

Importing Facebook Cost Data for your direct response traffic campaigns into Google Analytics can provide multiple benefits. First of all, it allows you to look at all of your Facebook Cost Data and Site Visitor Behavior aggregated in a single place. This makes reporting easier, whether analyzing data inside of Google Analytics, pulling data into […]

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