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How one DTC Ecommerce CMO saves hours of time tagging ads for long term multi-touch attribution

Bad data breaks your business. This is especially true when using paid advertising to grow your Ecommerce business.

Depending solely on an individuals advertising platform for reporting can lead to making misinformed budget decisions. These decisions can quickly put you in a place where you are operating at a loss; this is detrimental for new brands that don’t have a large cash infusion from VCs.



What is the best way to measure advertising efforts?


A smart marketer knows that a holistic analysis of advertising performance is crucial so that you can measure the full impact across paid channels such as Facebook and Search as well as non-paid channels such as email and messenger over time.

Kelcey, partner and CMO of two D2C brands: Valley Food Storage and KZ Gear – Shades for the People, runs all of his digital advertising efforts in house. As you can imagine, his time is limited and as such cannot spend all of it solely focused on setting up and optimizing marketing campaigns.


So how did Kelcey solve for long term Multi-Touch Attribution?


Here is what he does (and the tools he uses) to preserve tracking granularity for accurate and holistic performance insights that are critical to the growth of his brands using paid advertising:

To grow these eCommerce Brands using Facebook Ads I had to expand past the Facebook Ads Manager to get a full picture. Google Analytics is a fantastic tool for tracking site behavior and traffic quality however, I need other analytics tools (like WickedReports) for long term multi-touch attribution. Having a UTM tagging structure that preserves structured data for all my analytics tools is critical.

One thing I struggle with, however, is the auto-tag feature of Wicked Reporting. It’s somewhat limited in customizations and it also breaks Google Analytics tracking.

Since wicked reporting relies heavily on UTMs for complete reporting, I choose to turn off auto-track in Wicked and manually append all of my custom UTMs for my Facebook ads so that I can see the metrics that are important to the bottom line of my business and still have clean reporting in Google Analytics!

As you can imagine, doing this was an extremely time-consuming process. While looking for tools that could eliminate the lengthy manual process, I found EasyAutoTagging (EAT). The ability to automate Facebook UTMs with EAT makes this process quick and easy. My creative team builds ads and I simply copy post IDs and name my campaigns, ad sets, and ads carefully while EAT takes care of the rest. Plus, I can see Campaign Level cost and impression data in Google Analytics for my facebook ads!

It’s a super simple tool that allows you to connect your Facebook Ad Account and define UTM Parameter definitions for all of your Facebook Ads. The beautiful thing about this tool is that once your definitions have been set, you don’t have to do anything moving forward. EAT scans your account on an ongoing basis and detects any new ads appending UTMs so you don’t have to worry about missing or inconsistent UTMs if working with a team.


The results are clear!


To date, EasyAutoTagging has tagged thousands of ads saving me hours of tedious work by automating all of my UTM based tracking in Google Analytics and Wicked Reports.

When wearing multiple hats, it’s hard to find the hours that can go into an elaborate ad set up so having a tool that can save me time without sacrificing the granularity of my tracking is super valuable.

I have been able to successfully manage Facebook accounts for two eCommerce brands and track my ad performance in detail while also being an active partner of each business. Honestly, the value of this product speaks for itself when you look at the hours of tedium you can remove from your workload/workday.



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