Tag, Join And Stream Facebook And Google Analytics Data To Google Sheets.

Get automated, real-time, unified Facebook and Google Analytics data streamed to Google Sheets.

UTM Tagging 🏷️

Automatic UTM Tagging

Customize Facebook Ad UTMs to match your custom UTM configuration.

Our system auto-tags Facebook Ads using up to date dynamic name-based values.

You can also leverage Facebook’s dynamic {{site_source_name}} and {{placement}} values to get detailed conversion breakdowns.

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Custom Metrics 📊

Combine Facebook And Google Analytics Metrics

Map more than cost, impression and click metrics with Google Analytics data. Select any available Facebook metrics such as views and post engagements.

Don’t forget to customize your Google Analytics metrics. You can include any metrics such as sessions, page duration, goals and goal values.

Automatic Data Joins 🚀

Get Unified Data Streamed Directly Into Google Sheets

Our system auto-joins Facebook and Google Analytics data into one blended data table.

Get real-time unified data tables to measure Facebook campaign performance.

With joined data sets you can also get {{site_source_name}} and {{placement}} conversion breakdowns.

Data Streams 📈

Define Custom Data Syncs

Set a custom streaming frequency. You can choose once per day or hourly.

EasyAutoTagging will pull and join Facebook Ads and Google Analytics data in real-time.

Measurement 👨‍💻

Get Streamlined Reporting

Leverage the flexibility of Google Sheets to build pivot tables or chart your data. You can also connect Google Sheets to Google Data Studio for enhanced real-time reporting.

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