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Get detailed Facebook Ad breakdowns in Google Analytics 🚀

Leverage cost data breakdowns in Google Analytics.

Build custom cost analysis reports.

Use calculated metrics to customize your reports.

Dynamic name-based values

Efficient Facebook
UTM Tracking

Want data accuracy that ensures your UTMS don’t get left behind? No need to worry — EasyAutoTagging has got you covered 👌.

With our tracking capabilities, you can use up-to-date dynamic name-based values to correctly capture the right information at the right time.

  • match UTM parameters
- homepage-taggingSourceFacebookParametersCampaignMediumSourceParametersCampaignMedium
Cost Data Import

Leverage the Power of
Google Analytics

With EasyAutoTagging, you can import Facebook cost data points daily.

This means you get more detailed cost analysis, multi-channel funnel reports in Google Analytics, and better insights for better decision-making.

  • connects to google analytics
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Get automated utm tagging and daily cost data imports for Facebook Ads. Start free.

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