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βœ”οΈ Measure Meta Ads CPL and ROAS in Google Analytics 4.
βœ”οΈ Automate utm tagging and daily GA4 cost data imports.
βœ”οΈ Get Meta ads {{site_source_name}} and {{placement}} conversion breakdowns in GA4.

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Automated Facebook UTMs + Daily Cost Data Imports = Powerful Analytics πŸ“ˆ


End the traffic nightmare 🀯. Collect clean and organized Facebook Ads data in Google Analytics 4.


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Supercharge Your Advertising Strategy with Detailed Meta Ads Reporting in GA4 πŸš€


πŸ”“ Unlock Facebook Ads CPL and ROAS for Placements in Google Analytics 4.

πŸ“ˆ Get comprehensive reporting of all your marketing spend in one place and better optimize your campaigns for ROI.

πŸ“Š Understand how different marketing channels are contributing to your conversions, improving attribution.

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Save time and and improve efficiency so that you can focus on analyzing your data to make informed decisions.

Dynamic UTM Profiles

Create Customized URL Parameters with Ease

Effortlessly auto-tag Meta ads with your custom URL Parameter structure.

Easily mix static and dynamic values, or concatenate multiple fields to create URL parameters that match your specific configuration.

  • Concatenate Fields
  • Dynamic Values
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Cost Data Imports

Measure CPL and ROAS in GA4

Automatically import Meta ads cost data daily into Google Analytics 4 using your UTM Profile Schema.

Blends cost, session, and conversion data to accurately Measure CPL and ROAS in Google Analytics 4

  • Automatic Data MAPPING
  • connects to google analytics 4


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