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Features for all plans

✅ Tag campaigns only

✅ Import cost data only

✅ Tag campaigns & import cost data

✅ Automated utm tagging and daily cost data imports

✅ Historical cost data imports

✅ Automatic cost and session data blending in GA

✅ Unlimited Facebook data connectors and utm profiles

✅ Unlimited Facebook and Google Analytics accounts

✅ Up to 2 team members

✅ Chat support

Coming Soon: Bing Integration

Coming Soon: LinkedIn Integration

Paid features

✅ Dedicated account manager

✅ Email support

✅ Up to 6 team members

Batch tagging

✅ Custom cost data import frequencies including hourly imports

✅ Custom data ranges for historical cost data imports

Coming soon: Facebook site source and placement breakdowns in GA

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you import cost data only?

    Yes, you can import cost data only without enabling the tagging feature.

    Data Connectors can:

    • Tag Campaigns Only
    • Import Cost Data Only
    • Tag Campaigns & Import Cost Data
  • Can I use the utm tagging feature only?

    Yes, you can choose to only tag campaigns without enabling the cost data import feature.

    Data Connectors can:

    • Tag Campaigns Only
    • Import Cost Data Only
    • Tag Campaigns & Import Cost Data
  • Can You Import Historical Cost Data?

    Yes, you have the option to import historical campaign data for all Data Connector types.

    To ensure automatic cost data blending UTM Profile definitions will need to match the naming convention that was used for the existing campaigns.

  • Can I view Facebook Ad Breakdowns in Google Analytics?

    Yes, you can view Facebook Ad breakdowns in Google Analytics on the Date, Campaign, Ad Content, Keyword (Ad Set), and Ad Content level.

    In addition, you can also use segments to view performance on a demographic breakdown.

  • Facebook Ads vs. Google Analytics Conversions

    Facebook conversions will never match Google Analytics conversions given their different tracking methodologies.

    Facebook attributes conversion within a defined attribution window whereas Google Analytics attributes conversions to the source closest to the conversion. With the recent iOS14 update the disparity between the two tracking methodologies can be even more extreme.

    Learn more about Facebook Pixel vs Google Analytics Conversions here .

  • Does EasyAutoTagging Provide Reporting?

    EasyAutoTagging is not a reporting tool. You can think of our tool as a data stream that links Facebook and Google Analytics so that you can measure spend, acquisition, and return on ad spend across paid media channels directly in Google Analytics.

  • How is Ad Spend Calculated?

    Our system calculates the total spend across all connected ad accounts over a 30-day rolling window. This allows us to create a simple and efficient billing structure that ensures you only pay when you spend.

    You can add and remove ad accounts at any time. Once an account is removed it won't count towards your billing, from the day it was removed, any longer.

Basic Professional Agency Enterprise
Monthly Spend
across connected Ad Accounts
Up to $25k Up to $75k Up to $250k $250k+
User Logins 2 4 6 8+
Automated Tagging
Automated Cost Data Imports
Historical Data Imports
Unlimited Projects (Data Connectors)
Unlimited Campaigns
Unlimited UTM Templates (Profiles)
Email Support
Unlimited Chat Support
Dedicated Account Manager
Custom Integrations
On Site Setup & Support