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Salesforce Objects

Select any available object in Salesforce.

For example:

  • Lead Objects
  • Opportunity Objects
  • Custom Objects

Salesforce Fields

Select the field that defines a conversion and set the desired status. Leverage custom rules to refine your leads further.

For example:

  • Lead Status Fields
  • MQL or SQL Fields
  • Annual Revenue
  • Company Size

Facebook Events

Map Salesforce conversions to any standard or custom Facebook event.

For example:

  • Create new custom events
  • Use existing custom events
  • Leverage Facebook standard events

Custom Parameters

Leverage additional customer information to match event instances as well as pass value-based information along with your events.

For example:

  • Map lead revenue to the value event parameter
  • Send additional user information for customer match
Data Sync

Real-Time Data Syncs

Get Salesforce events synced with Facebook Ads in real-time. Our system scans Salesforce on your defined schedule for new events and pushes these to Salesforce in real-time.

For example:

  • 15 Minute Syncs
  • 30 Minute Syncs
  • 45 Minute Syncs
  • 60 Minute Syncs

Secure Data

All PII data is hashed when our system pulls, processes, and pushes Salesforce data. We do not access, store or send any readable PII data at any time. Reference the full list of hashed values here.

For example:

  • Email
  • Name
  • Phone Number

How Can You Win With B2B Marketing On Facebook?

1. Create a Salesforce Facebook optimization feedback loop.

2. Send value-based conversion signals back to Facebook in real-time.

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