Efficient Facebook UTM Tracking

Let’s talk about UTM Parameters.

Also known as Urchin Tracking Module parameters.

They have been around forever. Do you remember when Google Analytics was called Urchin? Me neither.

UTM Parameters are tedious to create and keep track of.

Creating and implementing UTM Parameter tags takes forever.

The process is old school, right out of the early web days.

So, you need UTM Parameters for anything and everything you want to track.

There is no way around it regardless of what platform you are working with.

Whether it be Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, Shopify reporting, Heap, Mixpanel, Pipedrive, Salesforce or Hubspot.

To understand what is driving leads and/or sales you need those Urchin Tracking Module parameters.

With Facebook now boasting over 7 Million active advertisers, there is a good chance you are using Facebook Ads to grow sales and leads.


The Facebook campaign URL Builder sucks and here’s why:

  • It’s not automated
  • Dynamic fields are limited
  • Dynamic name-based values are inaccurate

You could say Hey I don’t need UTM Parameters I can rely on the Facebook Ads manager for reporting, but the truth is solely relying on the Facebook Ads Manager for reporting will fail you.

Here is why:

  • Double counting conversions
  • Limited feedback loop

We can all agree without URL Parameters you go blind… Yes?

Fortunately, there is a better way to consistently scale UTM Parameters across 100s or 1000s of Facebook Ads quickly.

Facebook marketers have already saved thousands of hours (not to mention a good amount of headaches) by upgrading their UTM workflow.

Here is what EasyAutoTagging can do to upgrade the UTM Parameter experience:

Automation – We scan and detect any new ads created and automatically assign UTM Parameters to the Facebook Ad tracking field.

Flexibility – There are no account or UTM Profile limits. Speaking of UTM Profiles, you can create any combination of UTM Parameter definitions using standard, custom, and dynamic fields.

Accuracy – Define UTM Profiles on the account level. Say goodbye to random naming conventions and control tagging consistency in one place.

Dynamic name-based values – Use up to date dynamic name-based values. Facebook only uses name-based values from the time the campaign was published. I guess they thought the idea of changing a campaign, ad set or ad name post publishing was just unheard of 🤯

So to finish our statement:

Without URL Parameters you go blind and without EasyAutoTagging you go crazy. Trust us we have been there.

It is time for you to upgrade and modernize the UTM Parameter workflow. Are you ready?

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