The iOS 14 Privacy Update is going to have a HUGE impact on Facebook Ads

Here are 6 [out of 13] things you can do NOW to prepare yourself for the iOS 14 Privacy Update slated for early 2021 👉

[1] Verify your Domain in the Facebook Business Manager ✅ This step is especially important if your domains have multiple businesses or personal ad accounts that own pixels.

[2] Define 8 key conversion events to track 🔑

Once the iOS 14 Privacy Update rolls out you will only be able to associate 8 conversion events for each Facebook Pixel.

[3]  Switch to a 7 day reporting window – Now  📅 Once the iOS 14 Privacy Update rolls out, the Facebook Ads Manager will only report on a 7-day post click and 1-day post view attribution model.

[4] Enable server side tracking 👨‍💻 Related more to the blocking of third-party cookies, tracking, storing and passing data server side will become critical for accurate conversion tracking.

[5] Update Automated Rules 🤖 Once Apple’s IOS 14 Privacy Update takes place all automated rules will default to a 7-day attribution model.

[6] Identify Google Analytics Metrics Using Historical Data Disparities.   Comparing Facebook performance to GA will help you identify the average delta between the two tracking methodologies.

Click the link below and Get all 13 updates you can make NOW to prepare Facebook Ads for the iOS 14 Privacy update here 👇