Review our UTM tagging and cost data import features below and learn how to link non-Google Ads cost and Google Analytics conversion data for accurate performance-based E-commerce and Lead Gen reporting in Google Analytics.

Dynamic UTM Profiles

Create Customized URL Parameters with Ease

Effortlessly auto-tag ads with your custom URL Parameter structure.

Easily mix static and dynamic values, or concatenate multiple fields to create URL parameters that match your specific configuration.

  • Concatenate Fields
  • Dynamic Values
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Cost Data Imports

Measure CPL and ROAS in GA

Automatically import non-Google ads cost data daily into Google Analytics using your UTM Profile Schema.

Blends cost, session, and conversion data to accurately Measure CPL and ROAS in Google Analytics

  • Automatic Data MAPPING
  • connects to google analytics
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Batch Tagging

Are you tagging ads across large accounts? Minimize ad disruption and tag ads in pre-defined batches.

  • Flexible Workflows
  • Minimize Disruption
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Historical Data

Custom Data Range Import

Get historical cost data into Google Analytics and customize the lookback window for your cost data imports.

  • Custom Lookback Window
  • Import Historical Data
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