Review our features below and learn how to link Facebook Ads cost and Google Analytics conversion data for accurate performance-based E-commerce reporting in Google Analytics.

Custom UTM Builder

UTM Profiles

A flexible URL Parameter builder.

Mix static and dynamic values or concatenate multiple fields to match your custom configuration.

Auto-tag Facebook Ads with UTMs and import cost data into Google Analytics or use Profiles for UTM Tagging only.

  • Concatenate Fields
  • Dynamic Values
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Cost Data Imports

Google Analytics Cost Data Imports

UTM Profiles define the schema for cost data imports so you can measure CPA and ROAS in Google Analytics.

Cost data imports formatted to match your custom UTM configuration blends cost, session, and conversion data in Google Analytics.

  • Automatic Data MAPPING
  • connects to google analytics
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Placement Breakdowns

Dynamic UTM Profiles

Unlock more data with Dynamic UTM Profiles. Measure CPA and ROAS for conversions on the {{site_source_name}} and {{placement}} breakdown in Google Analytics.

  • Ad Breakdown Reporting
  • Measure CPA and ROAS
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Batch Tagging

Are you tagging ads across large accounts? Minimize ad disruption and tag ads in pre-defined batches.

  • Flexible Workflows
  • Minimize Disruption
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Data Syncs

Cost Data Import Frequency

Increase cost data syncs with Google Analytics and customize your cost data import Frequency.

  • Faster Data Syncs
  • Hourly Imports
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Historical Data

Custom Data Range Import

Get historical cost data into Google Analytics and customize the lookback window for your cost data imports.

  • Custom Lookback Window
  • Import Historical Data
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Peace Of Mind

Clear Cost Data

Keep your analytics clean. You can clear cost data imported into Google Analytics with one click.

  • Clear Imported Cost Data
  • Data Control
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