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EasyAutoTagging Feature Update – Increased Data Connector Visibility

In March we rolled out improved dashboard and notification updates to improve your workflows and provide more visibility into your tagging processes. After listening to customer feedback we recently made some additional improvements.   Access UTMs For Ads With API Errors   Although less than 5% of all ads processed encounter API related errors we […]

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Is Google Ads Broad Search The New Facebook Ads Lookalike?

  What do Google Ads and Facebook Ads have in common? Well nothing really, but hear me out. When you think of Facebook LAL (Lookalike) audiences I highly doubt Google Ads and Broad Search Keywords cross your mind. But you would be surprised at the similarities. Before we dive in, let’s briefly review Facebook Ads […]

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What the FLoC is going on with data privacy?

  Do you know how Apple’s iOS 14 update will affect your advertising? Are you wondering WTF Google’s FLoC is? Well, you’ve come to the right place! All of the recent news surrounding data privacy and digital marketing is enough to make your head explode 🤯.   Does the iOS 14 update prioritize profits or […]

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