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Marketing Dashboard – Google Data Studio [Free Ecommerce Template]

How much time do you spend updating your Marketing Dashboard every week? What if I told you that you can reduce the time it takes to update your weekly or monthly report template by more than 50% for free using Google data studio? Reporting can make or break you as a digital marketer. According to […]

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Conversion Funnels in Google Analytics for [Non-Transactional] Goals

Let’s face it tracking digital marketing funnels for non-transactional conversions (i.e. non-Ecommerce goals not part of a purchase funnel) in Google Analytics is anything but straightforward. However, there are some workarounds such as: Building goal funnels in data studio. Using the Funnel Visualization report. Tweaking Google Analytics Ecommerce funnel (Checkout Behavior report) to track non-transactional conversions. […]

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November Feature Updates

Last week we rolled out three new features to make EasyAutoTaggin more flexible for your specific use case. 1. New Initaitve Filters You can now filter by campaign status: Active Paused Filtering campaigns by status ensures that EasyAutoTagging is only tagging and importing cost data for active campaigns dynamically removing paused campaigns from the queue. […]

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