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Feature Update – Control Email Notifications

In early January we made it possible to add and remove team members that receive Data Connector Email notifications. Prior to this release, only team members that created the Data Connector would receive updates. Similarly, we have added Email notification controls to give you more control and ensure that the right person is receiving the […]

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Feature Update – A New URL Parameter Builder

We have revamped the UTM Profile experience to be more flexible so that you can configure UTM Profiles to match your custom URL Parameter Structure. This release includes the following changes: Concatenate static and dynamic URL Parameter values. Customize the delimiter as an underscore, space, or dash. Updated UI with drag and reorder functionality. Watch […]

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Why E-Commerce Businesses Can’t Afford to Ignore Analytics

Guest Post written by Camille Magpantay, As an e-commerce business, you know that data is essential to your success. You need to track website visits, monitor shopping behavior, and gather feedback in order to make informed decisions about your business. But all too often, e-commerce businesses ignore analytics in favor of more “glamorous” marketing […]

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