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Why E-Commerce Businesses Can’t Afford to Ignore Analytics

Guest Post written by Camille Magpantay, As an e-commerce business, you know that data is essential to your success. You need to track website visits, monitor shopping behavior, and gather feedback in order to make informed decisions about your business. But all too often, e-commerce businesses ignore analytics in favor of more “glamorous” marketing […]

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EasyAutoTagging Feature Update – Email Notifications

In the spring of last year, we released improved email and dashboard notifications to provide better Data Connector insights. After hearing your feedback we recently added a quality of life improvement. Now you can control who on your team receives Data Connector Email Updates. Generally, we recommend that at least one person on your team keeps these […]

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Media Efficiency Ratio [MER] – A Growth Metric

Media Efficiency Ratio or MER is a marketing metric to measure how efficiently paid media is driving total revenue.     In e-commerce, the Media Efficiency Ratio is often referred to as Blended ROAS. Return on ad spend (ROAS) and Media Efficiency Ratio are not the same. ROAS only measures the efficiency of campaigns that […]

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EasyAutoTagging Feature Update – New Plan and Account Limits

We are releasing a new plan and account limits this Friday, January 21st across all free and paid plans. Setting account limits makes it possible for us to continue offering a stable and reliable solution to our free and paying users while balancing server and processing costs. Here is a summary of the changes: Standard […]

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