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Unlock Google Analytics Facebook Ads CPA and ROAS for Placements

How can measuring Google Analytics Facebook Ads CPA and ROAS for Placements improve optimization? To answer that question we need to take a step back and understand what has changed when it comes to reporting in the Facebook Ads Manager. Since the iOS14 Privacy update, Facebook has moved to an aggregated event measurement model (AEM) […]

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B2B Facebook Ads – How To Drive Salesforce Leads In A Cookieless Future

B2B Facebook Ads is hard. Facebook, a platform that delivers ads at scale, across targeted audiences, is fundamentally the opposite of targeted B2B marketing. As a result, the challenge with Facebook Ads for B2B advertising is not driving leads. The challenge lies in how to drive high-quality leads with a propensity to convert. Below we […]

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EasyAutoTagging Feature Update – Dynamic Data Connectors

We are excited to release two new premium features: Dynamic Data Connectors – Unlock Facebook Ads CPA and ROAS for Placements in Google Analytics. Clear Cost Data Sets – Bad data? No problem. You can now clear imported cost data with the click of a button. Dynamic Data Connectors With Dynamic Data Connectors you can […]

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EasyAutoTagging Feature Update – Increased Data Connector Visibility

In March we rolled out improved dashboard and notification updates to improve your workflows and provide more visibility into your tagging processes. After listening to customer feedback we recently made some additional improvements.   Access UTMs For Ads With API Errors   Although less than 5% of all ads processed encounter API related errors we […]

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