EasyAutoTagging Feature Update – Improved Dashboard and Notifications

We recently rolled out a revamped and updated notification system to give users more insights into:


Data connectors actively running tagging processes.

Why specific ads could not be tagged and what can be done to resolve them.

Ability to trigger a reprocess within the data connector once errors are resolved.

Access to a data connector log [Beta release].


Additionally, we’ve made system-wide improvements to keep up with the Facebook Ads API. Although it’s impossible to account for every scenario, we’ve improved our system so that we can now identify and resolve API discrepancies faster.


Data Connector Updates


First, let’s take a look at the completely revamped data connector updates we send to your inbox.

Our goal is to simplify the status update that we send once a data connector completes processing. To achieve this, the data connector update now includes an overview of your data connector success rate as well as campaign, ad set, and ad level details for any ads that could not be processed and why.



Graceful Error Handling


Next, let’s take a closer look at the updated data connector dashboard.

Your dashboard will now display information for three error types if and/or when they occur within a given data connector.


  1. Setting Errors: Ads could not be processed due to an incomplete ad setup.
  2. Pending Errors: Facebook API errors that are in review by our technical team.
  3. API Errors: Facebook API compatibility errors.



Setting Errors


Setting errors can typically be resolved by updating your campaigns, ad set, and/or ad settings directly in the Facebook Ads Manager.

More often than not setting errors occur for ads that are no longer active. If that is the case, you can easily identify and ignore them.

If you do require these ads to process, documentation for each required fix will be provided so you can quickly make the required adjustments.

The initial data connector update email will include these details. However, you can send yourself instructions specifically related to setting errors directly from your data connector dashboard.



Once the required adjustment to your campaigns, ad sets, or ads have been made you can manually push a reprocess for the affected campaigns/ads.



Pending Errors


Pending errors define any new Facebook API errors that are in the queue for review by our technical team.

Once these errors are resolved, any affected campaigns and ads will reprocess automatically.


API Errors


API errors are not in our control. They typically occur due to legacy campaigns, ad set, or ad settings.

However, you can still make changes in the Facebook Ads Manager for active ads and manually add UTMs.

Keep in mind that although we could not update UTM Parameters, due to a Facebook API incompatibility, our system can still scan campaign data and import cost, impression and click data into Google Analytics.


Paused Campaign Insights


Often users create campaigns in advance and leave them paused until ready to launch. A while back we added the ability to include paused campaigns and ads for processing. To provide more insight we will now show you the total number of campaigns that are paused in an active data connector.



Data Connector Log


You can now access the log for each data connector and export the logs for further review. To access your logs simply click on the View Logs button in your data connector dashboard to review any campaigns, ad sets or ads included in your data connector.



If there are any additional features you would like to see, let us know in the comments below.

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