EasyAutoTagging Feature Update – New Plan and Account Limits

We are releasing a new plan and account limits this Friday, January 21st across all free and paid plans. Setting account limits makes it possible for us to continue offering a stable and reliable solution to our free and paying users while balancing server and processing costs.

Here is a summary of the changes:

Standard Plan – We are introducing a Standard Plan that sits between the Free Forever and the Professional Plan for $49/month. The Standard Plan will include the Dynamic Profiles and Clear Data Sets features currently only available on the Professional Plan and up to $75K in ad spend across connected ad accounts.

Data Connector and Ad Limits – Each plan will have a limit of how many Data Connectors can be active in an account and each Data Connector will be limited to a total number of ads.

  • Free Forever – 3 Data Connectors. Each Data Connector can include up to 250 ads.
  • Standard- 5 Data Connectors. Each Data Connector can include up to 500 ads.
  • Professional – 10 Data Connectors. Each Data Connector can include up to 1,000 ads.

Spend Limits – The Free Forever ad spend limit across connected ad accounts is going to change from $50K per month to $30K per month.

You can view a full breakdown for each plan below:

How to Prepare for this Update

Your account will be updated automatically. If any of your Data Connectors stop processing because of the new limits you will be notified via email. However, there are a few things you can do to get ready for the upcoming changes.

  • Reduce the number of Data Connectors to stay within your plan limit. The Data Connector limit only applies to active or pending Data Connectors. You are not limited to creating new Data Connectors once you remove an existing one to free up space.
  • Use dynamic campaign filters to only include campaigns that are active. Removing legacy campaigns from your Data Connector that are no longer active can quickly and significantly reduce the total number of ads per Data Connector.
  • If you are over the new Free Forever spend limit but not ready to transition to the Professional Plan you can upgrade to the Standard Plan.

Improved Processing Speeds

We have made significant changes to our back-end processing capabilities and are now able to offer faster processing speeds to our free and paying customers.

When you upgrade to a paid plan our system generates dedicated workers for your account automatically. This allows us to process your Data Connectors faster than using shared workers across all accounts.

Here is a summary of processing speed improvements by plan:

  • Free Forever – Standard Processing Speed
  • Standard – 2x faster-processing speed
  • Professional – 4x faster-processing speed
  • Custom – 6x faster-processing speed


We are constantly working hard on new features and integrations. If you have any questions, feedback, or feature requests let us know in the comments below.


The EasyAutoTagging Support Team

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