EasyAutoTagging Feature Update – Increased Data Connector Visibility

In March we rolled out improved dashboard and notification updates to improve your workflows and provide more visibility into your tagging processes.

After listening to customer feedback we recently made some additional improvements.


Access UTMs For Ads With API Errors


Although less than 5% of all ads processed encounter API related errors we understand that these errors can be annoying when they happen.

EasyAutoTagging will now auto generate a CSV file when errors are detected. You can access the CSV file in your Data Connector email update once processing has completed or access it directly within your data connector dashboard.


Access UTMs For Ads With API Errors



Manual Updates Are Reflected In Your Logs


In March we introduced the Data Connector Log (still in Beta) to give you more visibility into the status of your ads that are part of your data connector.

Initially the Data Connector Log would only reflect updates if our system made the change. Now, once you manually update your ads EasyAutoTagging will detect these changes on the next scan and update your Data Connector Log to reflect the current status of your ads.


Data Import Status Updates


Until now Data connector email updates have only shown information related to ads that were tagged. To give you full visibility we have added a section to the email updates to include the cost data import status of your Data Connector.


Data Import Status Updates


Ongoing Updates Of New Ads Processed


Previously, Data Connector email updates would only send when a data connector was created or updated manually. This provided somewhat limited visibility into the status of any new campaigns, ad sets or ads automatically picked up by EasyAutoTagging.

Now when any new campaigns, ad sets or ads are detected and updated you will receive a Data Connector email update of the newly detected ads.

This provides a real time status updates for any new campaigns, ad sets and ads.


What’s Next?


Coming soon we will be offering integrations for LinkedIn and Bing Ads.

We will offer these additional integrations for the same low price based on your monthly ad spend giving you more integrations and a better tagging and tracking workflow.

We are constantly working hard on new features and integrations. If you have any questions, feedback or feature requests let us know in the comments below.


The EasyAutoTagging Support Team

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