Common Questions Tracking Facebook Ads in Google Analytics

Can Google Analytics track social media?

Yes, Google Analytics can track visitors that come from social media, but it cannot track social media metrics such as likes, shares or views. To accurately track visitors from social media sites you need to create UTM parameters for every link you share using a tool such as the Google Campaign URL builder. You can also see cost, impression and click data using the Cost Data import feature for Google Analytics or use a tool like ours to automate the process.

Can Google Analytics track Facebook Page?

You cannot track Facebook page views and/or engagements in Google Analytics. Google Analytics tracks users once they reach your website. To track Facebook Page activity use Facebook Insights. To track users clicking on links in your Facebook Page profile or on a post link make sure to append UTM Parameters to all and any links that point to your site.

How does Google Analytics track Facebook traffic?

Google by default will show traffic as facebook/referral and can also get bucketed in with direct traffic. If traffic gets bucketed into direct traffic, you cannot break out Facebook traffic. For this reason, it is essential to append URL Parameters to each link to accurately identify facebook traffic. You can do this in three ways:

  1. Generate links using the Google Campaign URL Builder or a similar tool.
  2. Paste UTM values in each Facebook Ads Tracking Field or use the Facebook Build a URL Parameter feature.
  3. Use EasyAutoTagging (yes that’s us) to automate generating Facebook Ad UTMs

How do I track Facebook ads in Google Analytics?

To track Facebook Ads in Google Analytics, you need to make sure to either append UTMs to every link you are sharing. You can build UTM Parameters using the Campaign URL Builder from Google. Alternatively, you can make use of the optional Tracking Field for Facebook ads. Appending UTMs to each ad will allow you to track Facebook ads in Google Analytics and you can access this data in Google Analytics under the Acquisition > source/medium or Acquisition > Campaign > All Campaigns report.

How do you track Facebook conversions?

You can track Facebook conversion through the Facebook Pixel or with Google Analytics Ecommerce and Goal conversions.

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