About Gabriel Solberg

With over 14 years of experience in digital marketing, Gabriel has demonstrated expertise in search, display, and social advertising across a variety of industries, including B2B e-commerce, CPG, D2C, Fintech, and B2B SaaS. As a hands-on, technically-savvy marketer, he is constantly building and evolving solutions to address pain points in the fragmented martech space.

Outside of work, Gabriel enjoys traveling, food, and music with his wife, Krystina Burton. They share their adventures on social media and their blog Swirl Through The World, which have caught media attention. Notably, their airplane encounter that led to marriage was featured on CNN, the New York Post, and Business Insider.


Articles By This Author

Authenticity and Deep Knowledge: The Ultimate Value Proposition in the AI Era

I recently met with my good friend Jim Shook and we were brainstorming ideas, like we always do, around AI and its future implications which brought us to the top of authenticity.

Will AI Turn Into a Regurgitating Loop?

AI is being increasingly integrated into various domains, particularly content creation, as seen with technologies such as ChatGPT…Read More

Is Google Ads Broad Match The New Facebook Ads Lookalike?

What does Google Ads Broad Match and Facebook Ads have in common? Well nothing really, but hear me out.

When you think of Facebook LAL (Lookalike) audiences I highly doubt Google Ads Broad Match Search Keywords cross your mind. But you would be surprised at the similarities…Read More

Driving Marketing Success: The Power of Reverse ETL in ROI Growth

ETL (Extract Transform and Load) solutions are designed to centralize data across products and software into a single data warehouse to create one source of truth. Reverse ETL is the inverse process. With reverse ETL, the goal is to send customizable data models and identifiers from your source of truth back to systems that can action these key data points…Read More

Google Ads Performance Max Campaigns – Welcome to the Black Box

Google Ads Performance Max campaigns first launched to all advertisers late last year. Performance Max is a campaign type where marketers relinquish most of their control and are forced to trust Google’s machine learning capabilities for better or worse.

This comes as no surprise given the direction of automation and the maturing of algorithms in ad tech…Read More

SaaS B2B Facebook Ads – How To Drive Leads In A Cookieless Future

Getting SaaS B2B Facebook Ads right is hard. Facebook, a platform that delivers ads at scale, across targeted audiences, is fundamentally the opposite of targeted B2B marketing. As a result, the challenge with Facebook Ads for B2B advertising is not driving leads. The challenge lies in how to drive high-quality leads with a propensity to convert…Read More

[Amazon Ads] Why I Choose to go with a Granular Amazon Advertising Strategy

With a background in PPC, primarily focused on Google and Bing search and shopping, Google Display, and Facebook Marketing, I have always tried to go for the granular build-out so that I have bidding and budget control…Read More

How to build the ultimate pivot table in Google Data Studio

As digital marketers, we’re often experiencing data overload. And that’s why having a clear process for analyzing your paid campaigns’ performance is critical. 

This process will help when you’re asking questions, like:

  • What data do I need to look at to make informed decisions that will improve campaign performance?

Read More

How To Prepare Your Facebook Ads for the iOS 14 Privacy Update

Are you wondering how Apple’s iOS 14 Privacy Update will impact your Facebook conversion data? You’re not alone.

With over 60% of US mobile devices running on iOS, your concern is certainly legitimate. To make matters worse, iOS users tend to be high-value prospects. The war between Facebook and Apple is real…Read More

How the Sales Cycle and Seasonality Impact Facebook Performance [Hint it takes more than Facebook data]

Understanding the Sales Cycle and seasonal trends can explain performance anomalies when every optimization trick has been exhausted. Have you found yourself second-guessing your Facebook marketing abilities? Don’t worry it happens to the best of us.

Before we take a closer look at how the Sales Cycle and seasonality affect Facebook campaigns let’s take a closer look at the Sales Cycle in general…Read More

Media Efficiency Ratio [MER] – A Growth Metric

Media Efficiency Ratio or MER is a marketing metric to measure how efficiently paid media is driving total revenue.

In e-commerce, the Media Efficiency Ratio is often referred to as Blended ROAS. Return on ad spend (ROAS) and Media Efficiency Ratio are not the same. ROAS only measures the efficiency of campaigns that can be directly attributed to revenue. On the other hand…Read More

The Ultimate Direct Response Facebook Advertising Guide

Maybe soon we will have the ability to set up and execute our Facebook Ads with minimal steps and seamless execution of all Facebook Advertising initiatives.

However, as of today, we have not yet reached that state of ease and comfort in the fragmented digital landscape. It is up to us as savvy and scrappy digital marketers to create an effective process…Read More

Killing non-converting Search Campaigns? Make sure to check these Data-Driven Attribution Metrics first.

The limitations of data-driven attribution tools are one of my most significant challenges in the world of digital marketing today.

No one has yet mastered a way to seamlessly collect and track data across multiple devices and channels throughout a customer’s fragmented journey…Read More