Facebook Campaign Budget Optimizations [Maximize Your Ad Dollars]

Have you ever found yourself micromanaging ads set budgets to make Facebook campaign budget optimizations?

Usually, we do this to ensure that the Facebook ads campaign budget is weighted towards the better-performing audiences.

However, applying Facebook campaign budget optimizations across ad sets can quickly become a tedious and hand-holding process.

Fortunately, Facebook campaign budget optimization is now available Introducing an Easier Way to Maximize Campaign Results.

This removes or reduces the need for a third-party Facebook budget optimization tool to manage campaign budgets at scale.

You can now set budgets on the campaign rather than the Ad Set level. Facebook will then auto adjust budget distribution against the better-performing ad sets (read audience).


Facebook campaign budget optimizations


A few points to keep in mind when it comes to Facebook campaign budget optimizations:


#1 Campaign level budgets work well for campaigns with specific conversion goals. So make sure to use this setting with the Conversions or Catalog Sales campaign objectives.

Note: Facebook requires ~50 conversions per ad set over a seven day period to fully optimize against a specific conversion. If ad sets are not generating enough conversion volume then consider creating soft conversions, i.e., scroll depth, engaged users or add to carts to optimize your campaigns.

#2 Do not expect immediate results give the Facebook algorithm time to ‘learn’ before it starts to optimize.

#3 Group similar audience sizes or types under the same campaign since smaller audience segments tend to drive lower conversion volume at a higher CPM. Grouping similar segment sizes together also allows for a fair volume distribution.

#4 Test dedicated lookalike segments by grouping different ranges from 1% those who most closely match you seed data to 10% under one campaign.

#5 Do not swap creative during a test and learn phase so that you can define what settings are driving performance.



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