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  1. EasyAutoTagging Overview
  2. Creating Initiatives
  3. Initiatives Settings – Tags
  4. Initiative Settings – Profiles
  5. Initiative Settings – Data Import
  6. Use Cases


Data Import

Under data import, you can choose to:

Tag Campaigns & Import Cost Data – This will append URL Parameters to all of your Facebook Ads and push Cost, Impression and Click data into Google Analytics


Tag Campaigns Only – This will skip the import step and only append URL Parameters to Facebook Ads


setup data import step 1


Import Historical Data

If you decide to import cost data for existing campaigns and want to see historical data older than seven days you can choose to have Import Historical Data turned on so that all of your Facebook Campaign Data to date gets imported to Google Analytics


pasted image 0 23


Configuring Data Imports

Next if not yet selected you can choose to what Google Analytics account and Property you want to import Facebook cost data.


setup import step 2


Now you can choose an existing dataset or create a new one.


pasted image 0 26


Note: Not familiar with data sets? Learn how to create a cost dataset in Google Analytics here


pasted image 0 24


Exporting Tags & Data Imports to CSV

If you need to reference data processed by EAT you have an option to export tagged ads and imported data for active Initiatives on the right-hand side under the Save Setting button.

The option to export CSV will appear as follows:

  • The Ad Tags CSV button appears after an initiative is activated and ads have been tagged.
  • The Imported Data CSV button appears for initiatives with data import enabled, and after the first data import for the initiative has been completed.



Next: See specific Use Cases


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