How To Manage Facebook Frequency [Tip]

As a digital marketer unchecked Facebook Frequency is a thorn in your side.

This can cause oversaturation or ad fatigue, especially when targeting smaller audience segments.

Repeatedly exposing the same pool of people to your creative, will render your advertising in-effective or worse create a negative brand impact.

Facebook Frequency is a good indicator of audience saturation but keep in mind that Facebook calculates frequency as an average of a sample size.


Facebook Frequency


To monitor saturation, I like to pull Facebook Frequency over time graphed with Relevance Score,  CTR, or conversions so that I can quickly identify positive and negative trends.


Facebook Frequency


You can address Facebook Frequency in two ways:




Add converted users or website visitors as an exclusion to all your target audiences.

Doing this ensures that you are not hitting the same people repeatedly once they reach your site or convert.




If you find that…

Applying exclusions would limit Facebook’s algorithm to optimize against the most qualified users then you can take a closer look at Relevance Score to identify ad fatigue.


Remember, relevance score cannot be pulled on a campaign aggregate and needs to get pulled on the creative level.



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