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Facebook Ad Targeting Done Right [Without Partner Categories]

Following the mishandling of Cambridge Analytica’s abuse of user data, Facebook is taking pre-emptive measures across the board, including Facebook Ad Targeting, to clean up its data practices including the removal of all private and public Facebook Third-Party Data Targeting. Note: Ginny Marvin points out that GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) going into effect May of 2018 […]

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How To Manage Facebook Frequency [Tip]

As a digital marketer unchecked Facebook Frequency is a thorn in your side. This can cause oversaturation or ad fatigue, especially when targeting smaller audience segments. Repeatedly exposing the same pool of people to your creative, will render your advertising in-effective or worse create a negative brand impact. Facebook Frequency is a good indicator of […]

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Facebook Campaign Budget Optimizations [Maximize Your Ad Dollars]

Have you ever found yourself micromanaging ads set budgets to make Facebook campaign budget optimizations? Usually, we do this to ensure that the Facebook ads campaign budget is weighted towards the better-performing audiences. However, applying Facebook campaign budget optimizations across ad sets can quickly become a tedious and hand-holding process. Fortunately, Facebook campaign budget optimization is […]

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